Ian Harmon


Grenoble really impressed me with how green it is. Not just in the environmental sense, but literally. And it was so fun being able to rent a bike to go to nearby towns, or take a bus up into the mountains.

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Since it was toward the end of my trip, my feet were pretty worn out, so I only got to hike one mountain, La Pinéa. I hopped on a local bus and rode just about up to the trailhead.

As I neared the summit, the background disappeared. Really threw me off balance for a bit.

The bike path between Grenoble and a nearby town passed this river most of the way. Great scenery.

Overlooking the city is La Bastille, an old fortress. You can ride these orblike cable cars up. When I went to buy my ticket, I handed the cashier, who was a gruff older guy, my money for a ticket and he handed me half of it back with a child's ticket instead, halfway proclaiming "children's!". A bit hilarious, and a bit depressing to get at 27.

Even the tramway is green. Can we get these in America?

A view from La Bastille at dusk.