Ian Harmon

Alpine Route

Japan's Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route. I had the bright idea to go after a typhoon had just dissipated.

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Unfortunately, most of the route was snowed out. By October, it's getting to the end of the end of the route's passability, and Japan had been raining the entire trip because of Typhoon Lan.

I missed a lot of the route's best attractions, but at least the ticket was cheap, and Murodo Dam is at a lower altitude...

There were many funiculars, cable cars, and tunnels throughout the route.

Whoops, maybe I'll pick a better day next time...

Murodo Dam was really beautiful, even if it was soaked at the time.

Looking down, it felt dizzyingly large.

The fog made the cable cars disappear into nothingness as they got further away.

The end was a bit spooky, visibility was almost nonexistent as we waited for our buses home.