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Hi, I’m Ian. I like photography, code, and creating things.

On this site are many of the galleries, projects, and miscellany I’ve made over the years. I’ve tried to keep it simple, because I miss the old Web.

Have a look around! I’ve bolded the things I think are more interesting.

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  • Alpine Route Japan's Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route. (2017)



  • Exteriors Bricks and glass, concrete and steel. (2009–16)
  • Space Beginner astrophotography from cold nights, and scenes from the Green Bank Observatory. (2014–16)


  • Other Sports Other sports at UT. (2010–11)


  • Abstract Patterns and color worship. (2009–13)
  • Food My other hobby. I can bake some mean breads and pizzas. (2009–11)
  • Miscellany I’m terrible at hierarchies. (2009–14)


Generative Art

Web apps that create generative art that can be downloaded as wallpapers. Some older or mobile browsers may not work.

Interactive Graphics

Colorful things to play with in your web browser. Some older or mobile browsers may not work.

  • ASCII Things Various effects done in ASCII. (2016)

Web Media

Other browser tools for creating/manipulating images. Some older or mobile browsers may not work.

  • Modular Modifier (HTML5) — A procedural/glitch editor that lets you apply effects to GIFs and pictures in various orders and download the results. (2016–18)
  • Boxer — A box image/template creator. If you’ve seen 3x3/taste-rate thread on forums, this is for that kind of thing. (2015)

Media Scripts

Downloadable audiovisual or media-related scripts.

  • Visualizer — A spectrum visualizer for the current audio input. (2014)
  • MP3 to YouTube — A script that creates an MP4 file suitable for YouTube uploading from an MP3, automatically making the album art into a background. (2013)


Games, and projects created for them and their communities.

  • terrible — A Cards Against Humanity style game framework for a single room of users. (2014–18)
  • Mojibake Fixer — Takes ZIP files encoded with the Japanese Shift-JIS encoding and fixes the filenames for ZIP extractors not using that encoding. (2018)
  • Battlefield 1942 Server Status Checker — A small Windows app that lets you quickly check the status of a favorite Battlefield 1942 server. (2013)


Computer Art


Colorful pictures and GIFs generated via tools I created.

  • Generative ANSI Modern images reduced into terminal characters. (2014)
  • Glitch/Trippy GIFs Weird and occasionally broken animations. (2015–16)


Glitches found in the wild that I made use of.

Contact Info

My public email is (ih404 at outlook.com).

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